We are a professional garden design consultancy and development firm. We offer turnkey services to public, residential and commercial clients across India and outside India.

A well designed garden is always a great investment, adding value and desirability to your office, locality, or home. We would be delighted to arrange a consultation at your property in order to explain how we work and how you can transform your outdoor space into your own private Eden

Some of the services offered by us include

  • Residential Landscaping
  • Industrial landscaping
  • Terrace gardens
  • Orchard development
  • Horticultural project Reports
  • Tree transplanting

State of Art Landscape Designs and Concepts

  • Terrace gardens
  • Vertical landscaping – Ecowall

We also supply

  • Ornamental and Fruit plants on wholesale prices
  • Garden inputs like Vermicompost, Organic Fertilizers, Coco Peat, Perlite, Pebbles, Bio-pesticides, and many other garden products
  • Potted plants, Pots, Urns etc.
  • Garden implements like Lawn Mower, Hedge Shear, Secateur, sprayers etc.

Landscape Designing
Our highly creative and innovative design team intelligently outlines the important factors like water availability, soil type, drainage facility, light availability etc., for the maximum benefit to the customers within the allocated budget. In every step we meticulously incorporate the principles of garden design such as Unity, Space, Scale, Time, Light, and Texture.

We offer you

  • Comprehensive Landscape Development Plan
  • Planting Plan (considering drought tolerant species, Shade and sun Loving plants)
  • Hardscape elements like- Pathway, Water features, Gazebo, pergola, seating etc
  • Bill of Quantity and estimation

Landscape Execution

Our motto is to sustain and improve the soil fertility. The planting media that we use enhances the fertility of soil, by increasing the water holding capacity, porosity, and aeration of the soil. This in turn leads to healthy vegetative growth of plants.

Wholesale Distributor for : Draincells, Geofabrics, Grass Pavers, Dimple Boards, Anti Root Membrane and all Garden Inputs 

We take utmost care during subsurface formation, leveling, application of plant nutrients, weeding, selection of plants and planting of plants.